Staying Connect This Diwali
2021-11-05 15:20:46

We love Diwali ‘The festival of light’ and we love what it stands for, the triumph of light over darkness, so we want to take a moment to wish that -

May your Diwali be free from darkness and abundant with light

As we are blessed to be Digital Nomads and work as we travel we have spent beautiful times in India and have really fallen in love with the culture, the traditions & customs, the food, and all the wonderful colours and lights, but most importantly the people. 

Personally, I spent many nights by the River Ganges in Rishikesh chanting and feeling loved and embraced by the evening Aarti, the giving of light, through fire to the Gods. This beautiful ritual of worship and gratitude. The feeling of devotion and belonging, the sounds, the colour, the energy I can still feel while I sit here and reminisce. The giving of light as darkness falls and bathing in it and giving thanks for the blessings we receive.

Now more than ever in an ever-changing world we need to hold onto these beautiful memories, we must look forward to when we can once again see loved ones but also those who we are yet to meet and embrace and create new memories and share our journies with.

The last few years have been very different for us all, we have had to deal with restraints of not seeing or holding those dear to us like we once did or even as simply, we have had to get creative with communication, returning to phone calls and text messages in place of a home visit or flight or vacation visit for special occasions.

We want to highlight this with our current customers and those still to join us, with Dropcall365 you can stay in touch wherever you are, we used our service while we travelled the length and breadth of India, most of Asia and even more of the world still. 

How can this work for you?

If you, your relatives, friends, business associates or customers are elsewhere in the world, let’s say India then you can stay in touch with no need to pay for extra call costs, just one monthly payment starting from £8.95. We simply give you (if it’s you travelling) or Your contacts (family, customers, colleagues) a UK number on a current mobile device, so there will be no international calls costs. All you need is a local data SIM or Wifi & all of our plans come with minutes included. 

Need more information? No problem, drop us a message and we can advise you on the best plan for you. Contact Us