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Keep your existing UK number

If you are moving overseas or already live abroad, you might be wondering how you can keep your UK number. Did you know that you can do just that by simply porting your mobile number or landline number across to DropCall365? We can help you with this quick and easy process.

Porting your existing number to us means that you won’t have to go through the complicated and painful process of updating your friends, family and co-workers with a new contact number. They can simply continue to call you in the same way that they have always done. They’ll also benefit from local call rates

Porting your number works for all UK mobile and landline numbers. For example, if you port your mobile number to us, you can use that number to make and recieve calls and texts on your mobile no matter what SIM you use and no matter where in the world you are, all at very low rates.

If you port your landline number to DropCall365, you wil be able to make and recieve calls on that number using your mobile phone anywhere in the world. No more being tied down to physical landlines and physical SIM cards. Free your phone number, save money, and also get better service, at the same time.

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How does it work?

To get started, just register an account with us, accept our terms and conditions and also reach out to our customer support team. There’s no need for payment at this stage.

Once your account is open, we will update it to make sure it’s set up for porting your number across. Porting is charged at just £10 and we’ll take this payment and help you choose the best plan for you.

If you are porting in a UK mobile, we will need your PAC code from your old provider (our customer support team can give you the steps to do this for all the main UK networks). If you are porting in a landline, we will need your permission to port your number from your old provider, and also the date.

Receiving bank verification codes

If you use a SIM-based UK mobile number for bank one time passwords (OTP) and verification SMS, please be aware that once you port away from a SIM, some banks and other financial institutions will filter your messages and you will need to update the number you use for verification texts to one of our Guaranteed SMS numbers. Our customer support team can help you with this.

If this applies to you, you would have two numbers with us one would be your ported number which you'd use for calls and texts just as normal, and then a different guaranteed SMS number, which you would use for OTPs and verification texts. We have an article that explains more about this here: Guaranteed SMS vs Virtual Numbers

How long does it take to port my number across?

We normally see mobile ports happen within one working day, landline ports can take one week. Customer support will be happy to help you track progress if you need any assistance.

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