Deep Work


The Importance Of Focus

As digital nomads and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how important it is to make the most of our time. The hustle and bustle in coffee shops and the uncertainty of when you might next find a quiet moment means that we really have to value our time and focus when we can.

That's why we wanted to share something we learnt recently that might just help you become more productive when it matters.

We regularly think of ourselves as a morning or an evening person, there is actually a logic to this, our circadian rhythm, we could call this our body clock. We are regulated by the earth’s day and night cycles. We can use this to our benefit and start to map out when we are more productive.

For many of us we have a burst of energy after a coffee, then often followed by a slump. We can also sometimes feel sluggish after lunch… oh and less productive on Friday afternoons. But we are all unique, so listen to your own rhythm.

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Planning Deep Work

It’s really useful to start tracking your output throughout the day, and the week, to start to plan in your deep work and the things you enjoy more so you can deliver the kind of quality of work you want to.

This is one of our favourite things about working for ourselves and being location independent, we can choose when we work. Gone are the days of slogging it out 9-5 in an office, clock-watching for lunch and forcing work with limited enthusiasm. We can now manage our deep work and feel great about delivering and no guilt for trying to push ourselves against our body and our energy’s better judgement. We are individual and very different, and by utilising this we can deliver our best work in the least time.

Removing Distractions

Peaks in our daily working energy are the prime time for output. These are the times deep work can take place, shut out the distractions and go for it! So this is time to write that essay or business plan. This is the time we are most grateful for our call management features with DropCall365. We can concentrate, knowing our callers are being looked after and we can get our heads down and get into our workflow.

Then when we are feeling ready to switch gears from deep focus into more multi-tasking work we log back into our DropCall365 account and get back into customer mode, this is why we are delighted with our callback system and ‘do not disturb’ functions on we choose when we take those calls and when we can schedule in callback so that our clients, customers, friends and families get us at our best, in the meantime they get fantastic call experience to let them know we are thinking of them and will get back to them very soon... we all deserve a break after all!

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