When a call comes into your DropCall365 service, we pick-up the call, run your droplet and then play your hold music to the caller while we ring your handset to connect your call.

We will connect your call to you anywhere in the world without any surcharge, but we do charge for this from your included minutes.

Playing your welcome message and hold music is how most customers want their service to work, however, we do have an alternative that you may prefer.

We can hold an incoming call in a 'preanswer' status for you until you pickup. The caller will hear the ringing tone that their operator chooses and your droplet will not operate so they won't get a welcome message or hold music.

The benefit is that neither party will be charged for the call until it's picked up. Voicemail and ringback options that you can set in your droplet are not compatible with this preanswer status.

If you would like to try this, please contact support and they can switch this function on for you.