When you make a call with Dropcall365, we recognise telephone numbers based on an international number format called E164. The benefit of this format is that the number stays the same wherever you are in the world. Also, if you change your phone book contacts to this format, they will work with all apps and diallers.

The format starts with the country code, then the phone number without an initial zero. So if you have a London number of 020 7946 0000, you would drop the first zero and add 44 (the county code for the UK) to the front. If you wanted to call a San Francisco number of 415 555 1234 you would add in the country code at the front of the number. For the USA this is '1'.

However, you might find that your phone book is in a different format and it might be a lot of work to change it. Or you might be used to calling from within a certain country and would prefer that Dropcall365 works the way you are used to.

Dial Assist can help you with these situations. You need to manually choose a dial assist setting for each line, the default is to have dial assist switched off.

United Kingdom

Dial assist will replace an initial zero with 44, to allow you to place an in county call. It will remove an initial 00 (the UK international access code) as this is not needed.


Dial assist will add 34 to the start of any 9 digit number to allow you to place an in county call. If your number begins with a zero, it will assume you wish to place a call to the UK and will replace it with 44.

Other Locations

If what you are looking for isn't available, please contact support who can add in extra countries for you.