Our Guaranteed SMS numbers are genuine physical numbers (not virtual numbers) and are fully compatible with all verification text messages - for example Paypal™, banks and other financial services companies, and email services like Gmail™ and Yahoo™.

Guaranteed SMS numbers can send and receive SMS, you can also make calls from your number. However, these numbers cannot receive calls.

We use high quality German telecoms providers for this service, and maintain a physical SIM for you in our datacenter. The SIM is connected to the GSM network. This means that there is no filtering on the messages and all providers will accept the number as valid. If you are having any issues with using the number for signup, use a new private browser window and set your VPN to Germany (Berlin) so that your phone number and IP address locations match.

Guaranteed SMS numbers automatically renew each month, however if your payment fails and you do not make alternative payment arrangements before the number expiry, then your number will be returned to the carrier. If you still need your number, please contact support as soon as you can and we can check with the carrier if your number is still available. The carrier does not hold numbers in quarantine, so the sooner you can contact us the more we can do to assist you. You can also purchase an annual account to safeguard your number and also secure a discount to our monthly prices.

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