Our UK guaranteed SMS numbers are physical numbers and fully compatible with all verification text messages - for example Paypal™, banks and other financial services companies, and email services like Gmail™ and Yahoo™.

Guaranteed SMS numbers can send and receive SMS, you can also make calls from your number. However, these numbers cannot receive calls.

All guaranteed SMS numbers are new from the carrier - we do not reuse numbers at all.

Guaranteed SMS numbers do not automatically renew - you can manually renew them in your account control panel for 1, 3, 7 or 30 days, and you can renew multiple times, the total number of days will be added together.

If you do not extend a number before it expires, you can reactivate it subject to a £35 re-connection fee

Any expired numbers can be reactivated for 120 days after expiry.

Charges For UK guaranteed SMS numbers

  • 1 day: £7.50
  • 3 days: £20
  • 7 days: £50
  • 30 days: £90
  • Reactivating an expired number: £35 re-connection fee
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