If you have a green account name with a solid border at the top right of your keypad screen, then your line is active and you can go ahead and make a test call. Make sure you are on the keypad screen (press the keypad button on the bottom row if you need to) - your display should look like this:

When you dial numbers from now on, you will use the full international format for every call. So, if you want to call the USA, every number will start with 1 then a 3 digit area code and then the phone number - for example 1 555 123 1234. You will call this number format anywhere in the world. Do not include a plus (+) or dash (-) or anything that isn't a number. If you are in the UK, every number starts with 44 and you miss out the first zero - so a mobile number might look like 447123123123.

So lets give it a try, let's call the Dropcall365 Demo number in the USA on 1 415 688 6812 - just enter those digits on the keypad and press the green call button at the bottom of the screen

While you are on a call you' ll see this black screen with in-call options

You should be connected to our demo after a couple of seconds. Press the red ' end call' button to hang up.