You can buy from us with confidence - we only sell quality phone numbers from reliable national carriers. We understand that there will be times when we offer a number to you, and the number will be out of stock, or the estimated lead time for provision of the number is longer than you would like to wait. In these circumstances, we will happily refund the purchase price paid. Just contact Customer Support and let them know.

If your number is working correctly and has been assigned to your account, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund. This is because all numbers after cancellation are put into 3 months quarantine which is a paid service.

If you purchase an incorrect number type for your needs - for example, buying a virtual number when only a physical SIM number is appropriate for your use-case (for example you need PayPal verification texts or bank OTPs), contact support and they will help you change the number on your account. Again, due to the quarantine period necessary, we are unable to offer refunds, but we will help ensure you will not be billed again, and more importantly, get you the number that you need.

There are no minimum commitments on any of our products, so if you want to cancel, you can do that by contacting support that will ensure that you are not charged again.