We can help you port in your existing landline or mobile number to use with the DropCall365 service.

This is great if you have a landline that's not flexible enough any more, or you have a mobile number that you want to free from your SIM card and move to our platform.

You will need to have an account with us first so that you can accept our terms and conditions, and also contact customer support. Just sign up but for now, don't make a payment - we will update your account to make sure that it's setup for your port request. Port requests are charged at £10, we'll take this payment and also get you set up on the correct plan.

Then, if you are porting in a UK mobile, we will need your PAC code from your old provider (customer services can give you the steps to do this if you let them know which network you are with). If you are porting in a landline, we will need to get a porting permission from you to give to your old provider.

If you use a SIM based UK mobile number for bank OTPs and verification SMS, please be aware that once you port away from a SIM, some banks and other financial institutions will filter your messages and you will need to update the number you use for verification texts to one of our Guaranteed SMS numbers.

We normally see mobile ports happen within one day, landline ports can take one week.

Customer support will be happy to help you with this if you need any assistance.