Can I make calls using my landline number?

Yes, you can make calls using your landline number as the caller ID. Any calls you make are included in your package minutes with us.

Certain premium rate numbers (e.g. chat lines) cost more to call, and so are charged extra.

Because we use mobile or wifi data for the call, not your mobile minutes, it's much less expensive than more common 'call forwarding' solutions. And don't forget, we offer full high definition audio for your calls which is far superior than the mobile call network.

Will any mobile phone work?

You can use any smartphone using Apple's iOS or Google's Android software. You then install our app on your phone to use the service. You will need a data connection - either wifi or mobile data - to make and recieve calls.

Does this affect my existing phone service?

No, our service is separate from any call plan you have on your phone and using our service will not use any of your minutes or incur any call charges from your current provider. You can change providers and SIMs whenever you want. You can use any SIM that provides reliable mobile data (3G or 4G) with the service. You will be billed by your SIM provider for the data you use, usually this is part of an included GB allowance. Calls only use a small amount of data.

Does your service work anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have extensively tested calls across the world and have certified a large number of countries, cities, and networks for use with our service.

Can I recieve calls using my landline number?

Yes, you can recieve calls made to your landline number. They will ring your mobile anywhere in the world. Any calls you recieve are included with your package minutes.

What calling features are included?

As well as inbound and outbound calling, we have call waiting, voicemail, smart queue, call back, and conference calling included at no extra cost on all plans.