Top 4 Tools we wouldn’t be without as Digital Nomads
2021-09-17 01:03:46

Top 4 Tools we wouldn’t be without as Digital Nomads

Top 4 Tools we wouldn’t be without as Digital Nomads

We are all living in a very different world from the one we were living in at the beginning of 2020. We have transformed our homes into offices, some of us even sharing the kitchen table with our kids as we balance work with home schooling. Some of us have looked at the COVID pandemic as an opportunity for travel, to relocate, and create the remote working dream. The possibilities are endless. As a digital nomad, the world really is your office. One thing is for sure, whether you are a kitchen table warrior or a digital nomad, staying connected is paramount.

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Staying Connected Whilst Remote Working

Wherever you are, this past year has taught us how important it is to communicate. We’ve really seen the value in keeping the conversation going. In fact, more and more of us find that we are meeting our colleagues and clients for the first time over the phone or on our screens, rather than in person. We have to work harder as human beings to build relationships and so having the right tools to do our jobs is more important than ever. Where perhaps we might have fired off an email in the past, we relish in picking up the phone to indulge in that social connection.

Our team at DropCall365 works across different continents so it’s important that we stay connected, informed and super-efficient. We use lots of different tools to make sure that we work smart, we are efficient and we stay informed. Here are our top four tools that we just couldn't be without.

1. We love Asana for managing our projects

As digital nomads ourselves we are always looking for tools to make our work easier. As a digital nomad team, we keep on top of our projects and workload with Asana. We find it works really well for us as we are located across many time zones. Asana makes sure that we stay focused on our projects and keep communicating. It’s also great to look back on all that we’ve achieved as a team. The free tier is very generous and the app works on almost every device:

2. We use DropCall365 virtual numbers to keep talking to each other

Our team uses DropCall365 to stay in touch. It means we can call and text each other at affordable rates, wherever we are. It also means that our customers can reach us without having to worry about incurring surprise call charges. Plus, using our own product means that we can constantly review and develop it, spotting ways to improve for our customers.

3. Wise (previously known as Transferwise)

We love the newly renamed Wise (you might have heard it called 'Transferwise' before the rename) because it gives us ultimate flexibility when we are on the go and means we don’t get caught up with expensive transaction fees when transferring our money between currencies. We also love that Wise was created by two friends who needed to find a solution to their money transferring dilemmas. Customers can choose between opening a business or personal account, there are no huge fees, it’s easy to use and understand and it’s the perfect solution for digital nomads who are looking for a borderless banking solution.

4. Travel Off Path

We are huge fans of this super-informative blog which gives up-to-the-minute travel info. We’ve used it time and time again over the past year to help us get news on the latest travel restrictions. It’s also a good site to visit for inspiration when looking for your next travel stop. It’s definitely our go-to site for all things travel.

Where will you travel to next?

Our DropCall365 team, or family as we think of ourselves, works out of Central America, the Philippines, Thailand and Greece. We are all enjoying experiencing other countries and cannot wait for the world to slowly reopen. Our team will be sharing some of our travel stories in future articles and we’d love to hear from you too. Where are you now? Where will you go next and how do you stay connected with your co-workers, friends and family whilst you are on your travels?