We offer two different number types, Guaranteed SMS numbers and Virtual numbers. For most purposes, virtual numbers are inexpensive and compatible with calls and most SMS text messages.

The only situation where a virtual number will cause issues is if you need verification text messages, sometimes called two factor authentication or 2FA SMS - for example Paypal™, most banks and other financial services companies, and email services like Gmail™ and Yahoo™. For these types of messages you will need to use a guaranteed SMS number.

If you are currently using a virtual number and wish to purchase a guaranteed SMS number to guarantee these types of messages, log into your account, click 'Incoming Numbers' in the top menu, and then you can purchase a number from that page. If you no longer need your virtual number, please inform Customer Support who will be able to remove it from your account so that you are not billed again.

If you don't already have an account, you can buy a Guaranteed SMS number here

Please note that guaranteed SMS numbers can send and recieve SMS, you can also make calls from your guaranteed SMS number. However, guaranteed SMS numbers cannot recieve calls.