Resetting your app will ensure that you have the latest configuration information. This can help if support have made changes to your account, or you see a red oval at the top left of the dial screen

To reset the app, open the app on the dialer screen (the screen showing the dialpad with numbers 0-9). At the top right of this screen is an icon (either a cog or three dots depending on platform). This will let you access the settings menu. At the very bottom of this menu is the option to 'Reset Application'

You will be warned that this will delete your configuration, choose 'OK'. The app will shortly close.

When you re-open the app you scan the QR code from inside your account again, this will pick up the latest configuration information.

Please make several test calls into your number, and several test calls out, using the app. The app will make some adjustments automatically on the first few calls, and will also ask for permission to use your contacts and microphone. Any audio issues will automatically resolve after you have completed these test calls.