Our numbers are perfect for use with Whatsapp™ personal and also Whatsapp™ Business. Here are the steps to help you set that up.

Download WhatsApp from your App Store

Accept the T&Cs and enter your Dropcall365 telephone number.

Then you will be prompted to enter your 6- Digit activation code

Head on over to your Cloud SoftPhone App, click on the account globe icon in the bottom right hand corner

You will then see your text messages, enter the 6-Digit code into WhatsApp and then you will all set and ready to go. You can now use WhatsApp to stay connected.

One thing to be aware of is that virtual numbers are recycled after a three month quarantine period. If a number has previously been used with Whatsapp™ you may find the number associated with group chats. This is not usual, however we have had several reports of this happening.

Unfortunately it's not something we can control. Whatsapp™ also don't have much help in this situation. The easiest way to deal with this if it happens to you is to delete the groups by swiping left gently and choosing 'more' then 'exit group', or going into the group and choosing the options at the top and choosing 'exit group' from that menu. You can also block any senders who message you directly. If you wish, we can also provide a new number if you would prefer.

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